Exciting things are happening and I’ve just got to share them with you all. Many new ventures are taking place ranging from hobbies to education and right through to life and ambition.

Where to start?

Firstly I’m not one for radio, my musical taste is varied but I’m not one that follows modern trends so therefore I only listen to the radio when I’m in the car and thats purely because the C.D player is broke. However I was pleasently surprised to hear about a new series of “My teenage diaries” hosted by Rufus Hound on BBC radio 4. The show is fantastic, heart warming, sad and funny, I urge you all to listen to it at 6:30 pm on a Wednesday. You can get more information by following Rufus on twitter @RufusHound.

Next is my biggest news, yesterday I had an e-mail from a local college lecturer asking me to contact him over a recent course enquiry I had made. Following a rather drawn out telephone conversation about work history, experiences and future goals, he gave me the news that I was welcome along on the course in September and was e-mail all the relevant paperwork to fill in today. So by the end of the year I am now looking at being qualified with a NEBOSH general certificate and my first and biggest step into becoming a health and safety officer. it may sound sad but I am most excited by this opportunity to make something of myself and finally follow a career path I am passionate about.

Back to music, and like I mentioned above, I’m not one for following modern trends, however, I do enjoy finding fresh talent using the world wide web and in particular, youtube. I have found some very talented artist on there and think that they deserve some credit and mention so that they can be shared with you all. So please log onto youtube and check out the following: AJ Rafael, Andrew Garcia, Ria Ritchie, Tori Kelly, Alex Good and my latest find Todrick Hall, all of them are amazing and I wish them all every success in their musical futures.

Which brings me to my next project. Over the last month or so I have been in discussions with a local band about fronting them on their new set list, I’m happy to say that these discussions have progressed and we are having our first rehearsal a week today to work on some material, it’s only covers, but it’s the fun that and buzz of performing it’s going to bring thats got me excited. I think everybody at some stage dreams of emulating their musical hero and I’m going to get that chance soon, no matter how small my stage may be.